I Won't Crush Your Beauty, I'll Just Lick It Clean.


Dang, man. It's been a while since I updated last. I hate when that happens. The move went well, and my birthday went well; things are pretty much well across the board (thanks again to all you well-wishers). Unpacking's been taking forever, though, and finding all the pieces of my Computational Device took a couple of days, but OHP Base Camp is now operational once again. So, here's the latest page!

Three totally rad gifts since the last update! From Doodle-kun, Julian is sporting his very best lady impression; from Cheezy, a neat sketch of Ruby doing what she does best (act sexy); and from Zammie, a positively delicious pic of Pepito looking completely freaking adorable. Thanks again, you guys! You made my birthday awesome.

I updated the art section to include my newest piece, The Eel Hunters. This is a poster-sized digital image, which was actually printed at roughly movie poster size. It was created for my final college course, a really underwhelming drawing class that actually wasn't a drawing class at all, but more of a mixed media goof-off studio (read: "bullshit"). Despite that, lots of interesting work seemed to be coming out of it. Making a poster was really fun, and I've been sorta inspired to make an OHP poster as a result.

Hope y'all are having a happy holiday season!


Oh those naughty, naughty recruiters for the Gay Mafia! C'mon Ruby, you know you want it!

Check your email, there's zombie boobs in it!

And DONT post it on your site, boss is gonna kill me good! X(

We shall overcome!
And happy belated burfday.

Ruby better be denying something! And she better finally admit it in an explicit group scene with Mai, Rika and the twins!!

You don't think Ruby may be denying something here, do you?

Kagaroossss kaaagaroooooos

Happy B-day! ^A^
I thought Ruby was the gayest one..[next to pepita and zukie and...Well yah.] :D
But i cant wait to see how this ends. See you next update. OwwwO

Happy Burfday!!!


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