A House on Fire and Massacres All Over.


My goodness, a really late one this week! Here it is, though. The aliens have been finding out the hard way that Mai always gets the last laugh. Ruby sort of lucked out, actually, since there weren't any liquids involved this time around!

Beat Takeshi's version of Zatoichi has a goddamn amazing soundtrack, by the way. Just saying.

The Frappr! map has gotten pretty big! That's so neat.


Hello from the fourth world (i mean, the third world). I accidentally land in your page looking for drawing tutorials, but i´m happy i´d found this and no other stuff. Real cool comics and i admire your technic (i would like to draw like you, but i don´t have the skill)... ok, keep going with your comic and í´ll be visiting your page every week (and often if you can update faster). Have a nice day!!!

Hello there. You have an amazing story here! I'd love to help you in anyway I can.^_^ This si so amazing I couldn't stop reading once I started..Wich was last night. I just read the entier thing for tou fourth time! I can't wait for the rest to come out.

that Frappr! thing is awesome :X

Zukie Maxim is the best name ever XD

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