I Can't Control My Feet.


Hope you all had a happy holiday season! I know lots of folks get depressed and sour around this time of the year, but I honestly love it. Not only is my birthday wedged in there, but it's the perfect excuse to be completely 'faced and merry with friends and family for about two solid weeks. Pepito and Zukie are here to try and spread some of that holiday cheer like only they know how; if only Ruby could appreciate their generosity!

Story resumes next week. See you then!

P.S. The OHP World Domination Map continues to grow!


GD - If you're at Macfest, you better buy up a G6 model ASAP. They should become real colletor's items now that Jobs and all the future Macs have finally gone over to "the dark side"... :P (4)

MAN I love this comic. Is bloody brilliant and I adore the male:female ratio, being of that persuasion. Keep it up GD.

Haha! I'm the first woman -actually, the first _person_ on your map who's from England!! Rule Britannia!

Ugh, my name came out as Scoch, I mistyped it. :/ Ah well, thanks for replying GD, make no mistake tho, I'm a big OHP fan, I read your comics over and over..It's good work!

Thanks for the compliments, all!

Scoch: The color of their antennae is the same as their skin, so the color is correct.

Deciduous Kitten: Since the holiday picture takes place out of the realm of the current storyline, I decided to take the liberty of making Ruby whole again just for fun. This would be the appropriate Ruby reaction. :3

If that doesn't bring out the holiday cheer, I don't know what will!

I like Ruby's face (but wouldn't it be Mai in that angry body?)~~~

GD! those lyrics in your name>>> Itch U can't Skratch! I love that song *hearts*

Nice pic gd, but isn't Pepito's dingle bob supposed to be purple? It's colored the same color as Zukie's chest.

OMG, gd, today's drawing is AWESOME. Holy hell are you ever getting good. The titillating bounce of Ruby's boobs are just the start of it. If this were a poster I would proudly hang it.
Happy birthday, happy new year!

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