You're Perfect, Yes, It's True (But Without Me, You're Only You).


Here is a comic, wherein Lanogan's special power is revealed. For those who've been confused, yes, Lanogan is actually male, and yes, he is the fourth member of Queen's team. He is also one of the few people on board the ship who could fight an 18-wheeler with his face and come away the victor.

I made an oekaki for the first time in a while! Ruby fans, rejoice: there's plenty of her in this one, and she is plenty naked.

Holy crap, we're halfway through November already. What the nuts.


RubY~~~~ Blush.. +_+

And another thing~~~~~~ LEt's see some shots of that docter! I'm working on one myself. .She's hot stuff. .

Hey love you're oekaki of rudy. . As reward & incentive here's a Pepito hentai done in my clasic Furaffinity manga style~ Look for it! I'm sure the fans will emmm.. Enjoy it. ~So Enjoy.... PS: Lets see some rika on pepito action! ~you know the H- Stuff

I had a sudden burning desire to listen to Angel Dust a whole hell of a lot.

You read my fucking mind. I've been on a Faith No More kick, too.


I love your comic, good stuff.
"You're perfect, yes, it's true(but without me you're only you)" Faith No More... w00t I haven't met anyone that likes them @.@

no joke. as I was reading this, right at CH-CHAK, the 2001 theme came on downstairs. no joke.

I want to be able to fight something with my face and win.

OMG! Look! Im commenting! I love you and your comic ^__^. Yea.. o_o just saying... cause ya know. It might be needed.

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