I Will Buy You a Delicatessen... in Stainless Steel!


On time-ish comic this week! Julian's ventilation shaft sneaking comes to an abrupt and noisy end, though where he's ended up, who can say! Rhetorical questions have this nasty habit of manifesting themselves in sudden and unpleasant ways.

Hey, there are gifts this week (some of them dating back a ways)! Four, to be exact, and three-quarters of which are a little on the naked side! Doodle-kun gives us a naughty little number featuring Mai and a precariously tipped glass of vino; Rapps presents us with a cute little Ruby pinup (who's actually not so little, if you want to get technical); and Rob sends in a sexy Pepito, who is enjoying one of her favorite activities. And then there's one piece which isn't OHP related, but I wanted to include it anyway: Cheezy made some Like Magic arts, featuring our two tailed protagonists (one in a rather compromising position)! Gift-tacular! Thanks again, y'all!

Eat Day approaches! This is one of a my favorite holidays, since it revolves around one of my favorite activities. Readers abroad: I will eat in your honor.


Why, Lee! For wacky hijinks, of course!

Why are ventilation shafts always big enough to crawl through? Oxygen molecules are smaller than people.

Yes. In the United States, eating is actually performed in place of other common activities, such as sleeping. The US is actually the only country in the whole world with fat people, after the great Turkey War of 1712, when the pilgrims ate the Indians and made gluttony a national pastime. This is how Thanksgiving was started, and we have celebrated it ever since.

Oh yeah. Eat day. My My. Friend of mine went to the U S OF A!! and said that all you guys do is eat. Right! Off to read OHP from beginning to end now

(in order to escape drama essay *wince*)


Well, I know that *I* masturbate to OHP. Especially this latest page. Ventilation shafts turn me on, baby.

Ah.. I'm trying to color it, but it looks bad.. :/

I think I'll have to do another. XD

man, everyone has the internet nowadays. even the retards.

ok sure Eat day and Turkey day are funny, but arent we missing the point? its not about wot we eat, its about wot i masturbate to. and if you cant see that, then im afraid you dont understand life.

sorry to break the news like this, but it must be said.

happy turkey day peeps(thats extremly funny). NE way, wot the hell is up wit rika?... and if im right, then i dont really need a left side. bythe way is porn supposed to be this funny?

aww no more docter then

Oh dear... tough to vote when Bluehost claims "There is no website configured at this address" for Buzzcomix.net. :) Happy Turkey Day all...

Hurray for time-ish-ness^^

*falls out of a shaft and lands in front of a communicator* ;)

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