I Thought Finland Was a Constitutional Democracy.


God dang, that took a million years. But, it was completed at last. An introduction for Mr. Lanogan has been a long time coming (but all good things are worth waiting for). To answer the obvious questions, no, Lanogan doesn't mind the cold, and yes, Professor Oliva's favorite color is blue.

I found myself a little sick when I woke up this morning, so I'm pretty wiped out. I'll be updating the cast page a little later in the week, though I really need to get around to redoing it completely. These projects tend to build up after all the procrastinating!


is that guy for real?

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

How do you read it? You pay for Slipshine.

I'll tell u everything. I found this comic just sitting on my web, but i never loked at it. when i finally did, i thought it was something my brothers looked at. i dug into it and i found out you have another comic called "like magic". i cant read it without paying slipshine. how do i read it? can you e-mail it to me? tanx.
p.s. wots happening with rika now?

guys, obviously GD is going for the "formal samurai of SPACE" thing here with lanogan. i think the rest of you just have dirty minds.

My the possibilities just seem endless as to what will happen next. Julian may just end up in one awkward as all hell situation. Again. In fact, I predict it!

apparently, all of the female characters have an "=" somewhere on them, be it on their face, clothing, etc.(except for the d'bo sisters: they get the swirl)

HEY! mr. lanogan is the fourth person on b. queen's group, isn't it? i recognize the eye. i could be crazy, though...

Glad to see I wasn't the only one slightly confused about gender status here. Had to reread it a couple of times.

Just to be clear here; the dude in the red... uh... harness? In the red, revealing thing is a guy. I think. And he seems to be offering 'alternative methods of payment' to his physician, which would peg her as a, well, her. Then, you never know.

You don't make this easy, GD. Please continue. =P

Lanogan is noted in the OHP History. like, uh, durr. i like the new design.


that's hawt. o.o

it's obvious he's a guy, he has no boobage. maybe aliens have a fear of man-nipples or something.

you know, honestly, i thought it was a female too, untill i noticed um.. i dont know, i was kinda 50-50 on the whole matter

Wait..Hold up, hold up
MR. Lanogan? You mean to tell me he's a guy!!???
Or was that just a typo?
and even if it was, why is "he" wearing a bra?
strange alien fashion sense.

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