Red Wine, White Wine, Whichever You Like.


An update! Behold, Episode 173! This is the part where all of you Jinny fans cast disapproving glares at me, and I cackle maniacally. I'll be honest, it's not often I can use the word "maniacally" in a sentence.

By the way, you might be interested to know that I've decided to change updates to Tuesdays. Lately I've really been needing the weekends to finish up, and since updates have been happening rather consistently by Tuesday the past few weeks anyway, this seems like the most logical course of action. Trivia: OHP has now officially moved Update Day completely through the weekly calendar!

I have no other exciting news. See you next Tuesday!


Must have the fastest hands indeed, if he could grab that gun that quickly... @_@

I look forward to the coming scenes of Julian traipsing about the base in his pair of stolen pants. I wonder how Jinny's going to explain this to the higher-ups... they don't seem like the forgiving sort. Maybe Julian should take her with him to keep her from a draconian punishment? =P

Oh dear lord.

I would post coherently, but I can't get over the *PING* in the first panel.

Oh. Dear. Lord.

You rock!

Excellent as always!! Can't wait for more...

Now we need a side comic with Julian "thanking" Jinny more properly. ^^

:| I have grown a new love for Prince Julian...

Julian is wearing Womens clothing again...

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