Jump Back! Wolf Pack Attack!


Now see, this new schedule is exactly what I needed. To celebrate, I made another comic. Jinny's going to be having a little bit of Quiet Time, but at least she'll be bored happy. Well, y'know, until she ends up in the brig, or taking a long walk out a short airlock.

Dude, the fanart section of the We &hearts Katamari homepage is so fantastic. Personalized comments from the King himself! I've got the urge to make Katamari arts all of a sudden.

Is it just me or is there not a whole lot happening on the Innernets lately? It feels... slow, or something.


Awwww... Jinny is so cute in the last panel! :)

One can only assume that the now Tuesday evening update means Tuesday evening somewhere as close as possible to the International Dateline... :)

Maybe i'm just frustrated cause i've grown to love the characters even though i'm relatively new.

Well, I would say that the body-switch arc was successful, then! It was intended to flesh out character quirks and insecurities that would have otherwise not come up.

A story without internal conflicts is like a sundae without fudge.

When i first started reading this series is enjoyed it very much so then when you built up all the peoples emotions and had the body switch part i nearly quit because i want everyone to like people for who they really are not because they think their someone else. but i trudged through and now this latest part about the captured prince has taken my mind off the aformentioned frustration

Ha ha, but only stupid things happen on the internet! Being slow is good or something!

I have the urge to make Katamari fanarts too, after reading what you wrote.

Julian looks hot in girl pants xDD

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