Step Out of the Car and Show Me Your CD Collection.


Hey now, Episode 172 comin' at ya. OHP's MovableType database has been repaired and upgraded; I'm not sure how long comments were down, but they're definitely working again now.

Three great pieces of gift art this week! Super Thanks go out to Amberdrake (for a fantastic Queen, Devo style), Tei (for a NORTY little number featuring our two body-swapped heroines), and Liebemaus (for a most delicious Pepito). You have made me a happy GD.

On the sad news front, OHP's Wikipedia article has been nominated for deletion (and the votes for it are overwhelming). So much for that. However! Picking up where we left off, the article has been moved over to the Comixpedia Wiki, where it should enjoy greater freedom. If you'd like to help build the article, please feel free!


The text is alright, but I really liked the line "I live for moments like these". It seemed like such a Julian thing to say. And he looks so suave as he says it, too.

It does indeed. I didn't like the flow of the original dialogue, so I changed it. Then I decided I didn't like the change, and changed it again. I like the current text.

Does the text in Julian's final word bubble keep changing? I'm sure I've seen it say at least two other things.

I don't know about Jinny. I think she's very sweet and likeable, but she's still in the realm of "slightly expendable character" or "pawn" to me. She'll have to work a little harder to earn my love.... But not too much. =P

I hope that Jinny becomes a main character! She's awesome!

It looked so lonely down here, with zero comments!


I'm growing rather fond of Jinny. I hope Julian's DARING PLAN doesn't get her in trouble/fired/WORSE. :(!

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