There, The Crevace. Fill It! (With Your Mighty Juice)


More awkward restaurant antics! Rika seems to have found the one thing that'll make the D'bos lose their appetites. Seriously, though. What was prehistoric Earth man thinking?

My back is feeling much better, thank you to those of you that wished me well. Sitting no longer makes me feel like someone punched me in the left kidney. I am still not 100%, but I'll manage. OHP will be updating again the following week, I'm gonna be resting up this weekend.

There was a cute sketch from MaladorWN, featuring Rika and Pepito! Thanks again!

Thanks also to those of you voting every day since BCx came back up! OHP is right around #30, which may be the best it's done thus far!


ha. ha. HA! ...breastmilk!

Accidentally deleted the link while I was alphabetizing my links list and redoing my CSS. It's back now.

Um, the link to the OHP wikipedia entry seems to have disappeared. Any real reason why, or...?

Berserker Loco: They don't. However, the sisters have the advantage over Julian and Ruby in the fact that they're criminals, and have no problem stealing Earth money.

Brilliant twist on the sisters. Irony in that many people have now live without knowing where the food they consume comes from. I wonder if that put them off eating. Or is just a milk thing.

My mistake, breast feeding land*

The last panel expression for the D'bo sisters is priceless. ...

makes you wonder what kind of dairy farm milks people?


[Cute Wendy Refrence if anyone has heard it, if not ignore me.]

WAIT! I thought they did not know how to convert alien money into earthling currency!

Were did they got all that money from?

You know, I've always wondered that myself. Seriously, what kind of caveman freak thought to himself, "Hey! I'm gonna suck on this cow's pink thing and see what comes out!". I mean, wow.

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