Beneath a Weeping Willow, There Lies a Weeping Wino.


Comic time! Just in case you forgot, the D'bos have this bad habit of kinda eating people. This might make for an awkward night out. Two cameos this week, by the by!

There was a totally awesome gift from Seireeni this week! She's done a Pepito in her fantastic style, it's really rather marvelous! Thank you again!

I am rather behind on e-mail, I must apologize to those of you waiting for a response... I'm heading north once again to visit my folks for the remainder of the summer, so I'll reply once I arrive tomorrow night.


Ah, don't worry about not updating for a while. Take the weekend off, you deserve it. <3 Get well soon.

Sincerly Long Time Fan,

Rika is now in a big heap of trouble, but I guess the D'bo sisters can't get what they want after all... or is it?

also, hello GD, it's been a long time.

Poor Rika, she just dosen't know what's happening. Looks like the D'bo sisters are having her on. Funny, they can go on like this for some time! Next they'll be ordering in french and pointing to the "Girl with curly hair"

"hmm, interesting 'how to serve man'...oh no, IT'S A COOKBOOK! A COOKBOOK!"

Heh, I almost forgot they actually eat earthlings :)

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