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Hello! Here's Episode 168. Pepito and Zukie are not the brightest bulbs in the pack, but hey, don't fault them for not quite getting Earth culture. Besides, Rika's description of the dairy industry is way more interesting than it really is (or should be), so let them come to their own conclusions.

There's a really cute gift this week from Amanda! Look at that adorable Pepito. SO CUTE (and kinda weird, too). Thanks again!

I'm going on a little vacation this week, so I'll be updating on Monday or Tuesday, most likely with a splash. There's obviously no Photoshop in the hotel (no laptop), and I'll probably be too busy enjoying myself and doing vacation-type things to work anyway. So yeah! See y'all next week!


have some patience, dude. :|

update already... :'(

N_Sy: Lately I've been trying to draw boobs that hang a little more naturally (rather than the de facto cartoon standard of gravity-defying melons). I think, as a result, they're looking smaller lately.

OHP Trivia: The breast sizes from largest to smallest are Ruby, Pepito, Rika, Zukie, Anya, Queen, Mai.

My gosh, if only it was true. Funny thing is, I have some friends perfect for the job. ^_^

mm..is it my imagination or all of the theirs chests look smaller?
aww i remember when rika teased mai about her boob size

Oh but it's true! I was the official milker for the Continental Hyatt house in the 90's. And we wouldn't take none of that fake shit either. Just real titties as far as the eye can see!

By the way, when does the donate button come back?

God, you're really milking this gag....

Those two are cannibals! What're they being all squeamish about now??

Oh Yea, you should get a load of the School Cafeteria. The women working in those freezers. Just gives you the chills thinking about it.

Hahahahha! Have to admit, this is the first page that made me laugh out loud. Well done!

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