Dear Diary: The Earth Was a Void, and Darkness Was.


I am an unstoppable juggernaut of Sunday updates. Believe it or not, the Classy Lady in panel one took the longest out of everything that needed to be drawn in this strip. Why'd the extra end up giving me so much trouble?!

Oh man, last week of class. The nigh-completeness is palpable.


I stopped advertising Friday updates a while ago, I've since switched over to a "weekend" schedule (which I consider to be anywhere between Friday morning and Sunday night). I've given thought to dropping the deadline in the past, but to be honest, a personal deadline is a good motivator when you've got no-one to answer to but yourself. Without one, I end up thinking to myself, "Eh, I'll get to it tomorrow...", which can get to be a downward spiral. Suddenly, a week's gone by and I haven't done anything. I'm a chronic procrastinator.

I think you ought to just drop the "Updated every Friday" bit, I run a web comic(which I put the link to in the URL slot, Woohoo for shameless plugs!), anywho while I am quite consistant with my updates, I make NO claim as to when the updates occour, as you can see at one point I went from Wedensdays to Saturdays without notice. Less pressure that way, you should try it, it's easier to get it done when you're mind isn't scream "DEADLINE! AHHHHHHH!"

Milo: Whoops, fixed!

Hentaikid: Two full days have passed, they are in the evening of day three. This is one of the unfortunate things about a weekly story-based comic, I think, since weekly reading confuses the time element a bit. Also, dang! You been readin' for a while. :D

Just pointing out that in the third panel, it looks like the straps that join Zukie's neck-collar-thing to her dress have dissapeared.
p.s. I love OHP! I've been reading for a while and it is the best webcomic I have ever read.

the classy lady should become a regular extra, she is smex on a stick.

or perhaps I'm just insane.

hehe, I'll take it that buy the way the D'bo sisters are holding there menus that they don't read to well, at least not any earthly text. ^^

the Classy Lady might have taken awhile but she does indeed look vary classy.

Fine Wine, evening out, you only enjoy it when you don't have to care about the prices. Like the guy said "If need to the price, you can't afford it!" And the Sisters Don't care about money. Now the speculation is what they would want on the menu? Great outfits all around.

nice job. i really like thier outfits. very sexy.

Cool. I was just rereading the archives and when I came to the end - new comic!

First time reading the comic in it's entirety, since I found it when the D'bos were still planning to eat Rika and Mai. It all hangs together pretty well and the art style progression is pretty smooth, even though the characters looked pretty different at the beginning.

It does feel like it's been longer duration when you've been reading it on weekly updates though. How much comic-time has elapsed, one day? Two at the most?

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