Today I'm Dreamin' of Yesterdays.


Episode 164! Mai definitely has her priorities; whether or not they're in the right order, well... that's a different story altogether.

Not much to say this week... Hey, I'd really like to thank y'all for tackling the OHP Wikipedia entry the past few days! It already looks 100% better! If anyone else would like to go even further, feel free! You guys are awesome.


Actually, it's a conscious decision on my part to make them white. They don't show up on the shadow, otherwise. You'll notice it in panel 4, as well.

It looks a little like Ruby-as-Mai's right eyelash is white in the last panel... I'm assuming that's not intentional, though?

Dang! You guys went buck wild at Wikipedia! That is totally awesome.

Anthrichiru: Thank you! I think I'll use that method, it seems to make more sense than having that annoying gap after the script on every page.

Wow, I'm dumb. I didn't even notice the eye-color thing. That is incredibly cool.

So Ruby sounds like Carrol Smiley “Trading Spaces, England” Which is ironic. I would assume that eye colors followed the person the accent would as well. How long will it take for Rika to realize?
Great writing -
“Are these real?”

"are these real?" heh ^^. Love the way you portraited Mai in the first panel.

Just make sure you use PNG like you use GIF's, with a palette. 16-bit PNG's are big, anyway.

Also... GD! A solution to your page being ultra long due to your new script!

Reworked it a little so that it will pop a sized window on click rather than showing that info on hover. It makes the page the proper length and it's not quite as annoying as the hover.

I could convert to PNG, yes... eventually.

I added a little more information for each character and rearranged the images. Also added a chapter guide with chapter one summarized. Also added a pic for the Commander. Might I suggest using PNG for the images - They're smaller and look better with GD's work.

wikipedia is teh ossum. I uploaded some images for each character, but I SUCK with Wiki's formatting (ie, have no clue what I'm doing) so feel free to move around/place them at will. :3

i added the information about Moloko and K'Bab. it was paraphrased from some specific posts GD made on the EBP forums last January, if anyone is wondering where that info came from.

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