Good Luck Finding a Boyfriend Who Sucks Toes.


It is a well-known fact that aliens possess a variety uncanny abilities. The D'bos are adept at the skill of Hyper Clothes Changing, a mystical art from a world far away. Earth folk cannot even begin to comprehend this complicated technique.

I really like this Javascript bookmarking tool that I'm seeing popping up on various webcomics. I think I'm gonna give it a go with OHP, but I've gotta make some graphics for it first. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

There were some cool gifts the last few weeks! Ultra Thanks go out to Jennums, Serenagold, and Dark Kuja! Happy GD.

My fourth year ends on Monday, so I've been ridiculously busy. I can't wait to head north and relax for a few days. And then... Summer Session. YUCK. Two more quarters and I'm done, two more quarters and I'm done...


Now all we need is a cool 70's groove. You know what I'm talkin' bout. :D

Soon, soon. If I updated more than once a week, it wouldn't feel quite so long between story segments. :P

Yay! Impending disaster! =)
But still, i want to know what will happen to ruby and mai! :-o

they seem to like gray

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