Sweet is Good.


Operation: Get Clothes is successful! But that still leaves a rather uncertain task ahead of her and a certain Ms. Maxim (currently borrowing Mai's petite frame). Oh my!

Guess what! OHP has a new URL! You can now access the comic via the much-easier-to-remember ourhomeplanet.net. Dot Net, not Dot Com. If you're linking to OHP, use the new domain instead. Right now it's mirroring, but I'll be making gdk.gd-kun.net (the site you're probably reading from right now) the mirror soon.

I'm heading back to LA today, where I'll be catching up on all my e-mail. Something weird's been going on with the webmail for my server, so I haven't been able to reply. I will later tonight, though!


What, my crappy news-only RSS isn't good enough? :D

Hahah, soon, I hope! I really don't have a clue what I'm doing with XML... but I think I may have to redesign how the archives work (or at least how the front page is laid out) in order to get real comic syndication in the feed.

The next step is RSS! The frothing masses demand RSS!


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