I Need a Cheeseburger to Make Me Feel Good at Night.


HEY INTERNET: OHP returns! I must apologize for the day-late episode; I'd anticipated that I'd have plenty of time to work on the comic the last two weeks, and it turns out I really didn't. Been hanging out with good people, so at least I was accomplishing something productive.

If it's any consolation, I oekaki-ed twice during my hiatus. Both pictures feature Rika and Mai, and you can bet they're not safe for work. How do you like them apples! Mai has been a frequent request for future oekaki, so Mai fans, please enjoy. Rika fans will probably enjoy, as well.

There were some cool gifts, too! Some of them still need to be uploaded and linked, so I will do that later today.

Jesus, this school year's almost over. And then I'm gonna be a fifth year. SAVE ME.


*Steals all GD's cheesburgers*

All your cheesburgers are belong to me.

Or.. something. I don't know.

¬_¬ LoL HeLlO tHaR, bUtTsEcKs!


Whatever. Good job on the comic.

Aw, c'mon baby, C'MON.

>> I Need a Cheeseburger to Make Me Feel Good at Night.

Well then you're gonna hafta sleep alone, because I am not even up for that!


i tend to like GD's pixel-style better, anyway.
still can't figure out how it is done... is there some kind of tutorial perhaps?

Well, nice to know the comic goes on, finally! :)

Shit, I didn't realize this was a contest.

Coincidentally, Blackmyst recently presented me with a very nice gift on Fearsome.

hmm... this comic is ok, but it is no made of pure awesome like this guy: http://www.drowtales.com/longestwait.php

and so you know, that comic is done compleatly in oekaki

Good to know its back
=3 si si

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