Glory to the Moon! Mercy on the Earth!


Comic time! This is what is known as a Bad Sign. Keep your fingers crossed for Rika, she can use the extra luck right about now.

Guess what! This week there is a totally amazing gift! blackmyst fights the good fight and presents us with The Sexiest Anya Ever (NSFW). Seriously, look at that. Lawdy! Thanks again, sir! You rock my world.

I want my tax refund right now. I don't care that I just mailed it last week!

P.S. I just fixed the opacity on some missing graphics in the last panel.

P.S.S. Okay, I fucking give up on trying to work on the RSS feed for tonight. I don't understand XML at all.


No, the first one isn't me, it's some guy who followed the link on my site, I looked up the site he was building and it looked like some sort of free hentai forum (Oh well, better than a pirate paysite).

The second one was my friend Gnabbist who is running the website, an old community formed arount the erotica.cartoons.original-art newsgroup I used to hang out in.

The payout is pretty awesome - many paysites have signup rewards where you get more cash than the member actually puts down, but it's the first time I've seen it in a non-adult referral program. I guess they know their retention ratio really well.

Hentaikid: I did indeed get some secondary referrals since you signed up (one with "hentai" in the name, so I'm assuming that's probably from you... :D). Good stuff, eh? Are you on the percentage or lump sum payout? Because... their new lump sum payout is ridiculous(ly generous).

Avatar: What.

BTW Gd, did you get secondary referrals from me in the dreamhost reward panel? 'cos I got a couple of signups and I'm curious if it works as advertised.

That must be a fairly recent thing, with the taxing there... Either that, or 16 pages wasn't enough to put me over the taxing threshold. :D

I'd like to get back to Like Magic soonish! I keep saying I will, but then when I actually sit down to do it I usually end up working on OHP or something else instead... I am easily sidetracked. ;A;

I want my tax refund to cover the amount I spent for the Slipshine comics tax.. I didn't knew it was taxed. Now I paid 360-something.. ^ ^;; Gods, if it wasn't nearly half I made I wouldn't be complaining, but yeesh..

Speaking of the sexy, are ya ever gonna get back to Like Magic? ;D

I'd already seen that fanart on fearsome, but damn, makes me want to do a webcomic so I can get some nifty fanart like that (I did get fanart of my original characters a couple of times, it's a nice feeling. Nothing quite so nifty though)

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