Don't Touch That Dial (It's Got Jam on It).


Have a comic! I must apologize to those of you who follow my doings via the RSS feed: I updated MovableType, and decided to try to get full syndication working again while I was at it... Naturally, I didn't actually accomplish anything. That is, aside from somehow resetting the dates for a bunch of the entries, which most likely showed up as 15 new news posts in your readers. Oops. I may have to just break down and ask somebody to help me with this eventually.

I'm still answering e-mail, by the way. I'll definitely get back to everyone by the end of the day, I've just got a couple week's worth of catching up to do. I'm unfortunately pretty pokey with that sort of thing. That said, there's been some cool fan art this week; I'll upload and link that soon, too. Lord, I am such a SLOW.

Everybody go buy the new Ben Folds albums. Go on! That's the spirit.


It's in my blood. I will succeed. My mother was a professional tag-team mud wrestler. IK must battle the second generation of this power!!!

Just let me get the skimpiest bikini I own, and I'm there. Hell, let's go one-on-one naked.

You just be ready for when I return. Get those flavored body oils and edible undies handy.


Johnson: Only the best musician on the entire planet! He is both funny and awesome.

Alluvial: You might have to fight IK for it. How about mud wrestling?

Who is ben folds??
Is he supposed to be funny?
Because personally i consider a strange man with a piano very booooring o_0

Ben Folds? You like Ben Folds?!?! I think you need to have my children and end up coerced into marrying me.


GD's going to the prom with IK.

i love Rika in the 4th panel.

who's gd going to the prom with????

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