Can I Speak to Nathaniel Merriweather?


Sorry for the delay, had some College Things to attend to during the week and didn't have much time to draw. At any rate, here is the latest episode. With friends like these... well, they kinda occupy that strange middle ground between friend and enemy, anyway. Hopefully Rika took a deep breath.

This week, Amberdrake presents an adorable gift! Anya's psychic powers let her know exactly what the horn-dogs at Fearsome are planning on drawing... For shame! What a cutie, thanks again! This is the second Anya gift, by the way!

In case you missed the amendment to the last post, I reorganized the chapters of OHP. The current chapter is now number 5. To see the results, take a look through the archives (and tell me if I messed anything up!).

Till next week!


Nobody likes Sweden.

Seriously, what the hell are you talking about?

click your heals 3 times and go back to Sweden

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