City of Despair.


Jesus, what day is it? The inside of my head feels like a blender. I am not fond of being sick. I made a new episode, though. Those rascally D'bos! OHP is a comic where people end up naked a lot.

There is some delightful gift art from the past couple of weeks! Big thanks go out to Tei, Emerarudo-chan, and NibbiMonster! There is a powerful amount of D'bo cuteness, and some (NORTY) love for Mai, too! Thanks again, y'all!

Aside from being sick, part of the reason I am so behind is that I had to go see Ben Folds perform live (and yes, that takes priority before working on OHP). Actually, that's probably where I got sick. Still, it was a worthy sacrifice. I love that guy something fierce. Getting to shake hands with your favorite musician in the whole damn world is just like... wow. He has curiously soft hands, coincidentally.

I'm still updating this coming weekend. No rest for the wicked! Also, I think I fixed something RSS related. The feed should now register as the alternative index.

Also, new month, kids! Vote OHP onward to toplist (and topless) victory!


The file IS there, IE just doesn't seem to be able to view it... Save it and open in a different program.

yeah, i can't see it either. also, i'm using IE.

Really? That's weird, it's showing up okay for me in both Firefox and Safari. Anyone else have that problem?

I'm not sure if its just me / my computer having a fit, bit the link still dont work. it displays this message:
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Just, you know, thought I'd point that out :P

FIXXORED. I uploaded it to the wrong directory, hahah.

gdk, you rock. Yay boobies!

But the link to the fanart by NibbiMonster isn't loading. OH HORROR AND SHAME D:

I thought the same thing. It's a mad world.

I would totally expect Ben to have hard, calloused hands after all these years of SLAM SLAM SLAM

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