If You'd Had a Fortune You Could Be a Better Man (But You Don't).


"Live to fight another day" is the D'bo Battle Cry of choice; why fight for it when you can just run with it? Poor Queen's just too old fashioned with this dueling business.

New gifts were posted! Thanks again to Chrissa, Josh, and Rob!

If you are totally awesome, you should vote for OHP. But only if you rock. Okay, even if you don't rock, you can still vote.

Oh! If you're still one of those people wondering about whether or not you should start your own website (or just want to move to a better, cheaper server), Dreamhost has extended their triple bandwidth, triple storage deal once again (I'm starting to think it'll never stop!). Check it out!

I like MAME. I think I'm gonna play Joe & Mac instead of doing my papers.


Whachow~ hmm kind'a sound's like crappy Vietnamese dog food to me~ hay I'm going to china again " any-gd's want a "yein" donation??? Lol ~you know you think I�d like going to china with the narcissistic pair of breast I unfortunately have to call my best friend , but you know what? Not fun but anywho reason I tell is I�m gonna bring a printed copy of the whole pepito and friends comic with me along with a furaffinity icon on my book. ^_^ with a marshmallow cat stuffed thingy I made myself no less~

"WACHOW!~" ^_^

you know one of these days I'd like to see someone shave pepito~ now "that'd" be something to see`

see? seeeee?> i told you her antenne was good fur something,,,

yeah nice trick pepito!

Is pepito's antenna giving the finger or is it my imagination?

You've just gotta love the panel where's Zukie's got her tongue stuck out. Rawk.

Zefiel: kami's got it. K'baban customs are pretty rigid and are an intrinsic part of life for them, so Pepito's bond to Julian (and for that matter, Zukie's bond to Ruby, now!) are heavy weights that must be carried.

As for why Pepito didn't just up and bolt from Queen on her own, more on that soon. :3 Though you might be able to figure it out, since both times they've used Plan B they've been together.

Yeehaaa!! they posted my fanart! ~ hey GD I'll trade you mosre for a watch on furAffin... Zukie says its ok~ .....

to Zefiel: I think that it's because Zukie was repaying Julian for saving her and Pepito, and that since Pepito was married to Julian, Pepito couldn't do anything against his will.

Um.. I love the comic, and i might just be nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking, but if they had the ability to just vanish whenever they wanted, why not do so before? they'd get off the hook with Julian turning them in, and could return to hijack their wives later.

Sorry, i love OHP with all its perfectness and just want the story to be perfect as well ^-^;;;

Aww! They made Queen cry! Meanies.

Heheh. That was unexpected.

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