They Send the Heart Police to Put You Under Cardiac Arrest.


Queen's in a bit of a sour mood after being made a fool by our purple protagonists. The short ones always have short fuses, hopefully Lone's taking notes.

I oekaki-ed for the first time in a while. It's not much to look at, but you might find it amusing.

Matt Besser (Adair, of the UCB) is an awesome guy and I hope he does stand-up nearby again soon, because seeing him live was fantastic. It was surreal shaking hands with one of the guys responsible for my favorite show... ever.

Spring Break now, please. I'm tired of waiting for it.


I love how the comic is progressiinnngg<

Hahahaha! I love my new security prog I made! It even gets the system32 bugs out~ ha! As far as overall control over spyware and hijackers go: I pretty much fell like I�m waving my hand in from of a hungry alligator going, �you want somma� dis? �SLAP!� ~denied�� oh�., you want somma� dis? �SLAP!� ~denied��hahaha ~ its just that much fun! ~lesson learned? If the Associated press comes looking for ya� just blame all you major acts of discretions on GD and lett�m have at him awhile giving you the chance to escape when they have a bigger fish to fry. AS for GD? Aaa who cares� He�s a warrior ninja thingy form the future ~he�ll think of something.. ^_^ hehehe I love being evil

haaa I think the Associated Press loves GD too...

I'm gonna kick GD till the wheels fall off~ ^_^!!! ~Wachow!

Omg. You like Upright Citizens Brigade. I.. I think I love you.

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