I'm Gonna Love You Till The Wheels Come Off.


Good god, what a busy Friday that was. I don't operate well on an hour of sleep, and that's all the fuel I had to make it through the day. But somehow, I managed to finish this week's episode. Honestly, I don't even remember completing it or posting it.

I finally finished the OHP History Lesson. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it's a little side-project I was working on which explains how some of my older comics evolved into the one you're reading today. Have a look!

I also updated the FAQ. That's not really all that interesting, though!

There were radical gifts this week (including one if you voted for Girly on Tuesday)! I haven't posted them yet, but I will!

I'm still working on responding to e-mail.


yay love it rough! I'm gonna need a docter, weeee

gave me an urge to put on armor and play S&M with my gf. Ha~just dun call me queen~ ^_^

you have given me a sudden urge to run around downtown with my twin (fake) sister and scream out "Secret handshake! WACHOW!" 8D

Ahh dun you just love uneeded change? lol. Oh well I'm gonna find Zukie and go bug GD on Furaffitiy...

Yeah, I've unlinked it while I search for a replacement. PayPal doesn't allow my type of site anymore, and Y! PayDirect went under.

Hey, thanks GD. I was thinking that might be what it was... BTW, I enjoyed your history lesson! is your donate button broken?

Dude! Buzzcomix.net got blown to hell~ Maybe there bills were due.... u dunno, but how do you vote for GD when there sites been torched?

still i think Gd needs to pull an anime "auto-heal" on pepito

awww but iwas haveing fun! ^_^

Hentaikid: I have, in fact! Pretty recently. I have to say that I liked Photon infinitely more than Tenchi, though Tenchi is a classic...

Leneney: It's a welt from when Queen punched her in episode 140.

Avatar: Easy does it there, mate.

FurAffinity! Gd FurAffinity , Avatar~FurAffinity !

nawi just thought it was funny...

I think it's safe to say my expression was almost identical to Queen's expression in the last panel; the only difference is I laughed afterwards. And that "Yes, they're sisters" caption got to me as well.

GD is made outta cheese! Of cheese I tell you! And his real name is Miles Hawkins...

yeah auto-heal ~ thats what they use in hentai and stuff to get there clothes back even after they've just been ripped off.

but really? she got hit in the face by queen the saggy... lol that and her casts been on for awhile too. Hey gd thime to pull a classic anime "auto-heal"

you know sweeden's and there chocolate

shes eating something most likely

Great one... Ummm, just a question: what's that buldge in Pepito's cheak in the first full-width panel?

if you can call it that~ lol

Wow that's a cool scene.
The idea that the D'bos converted their sisterly love into raw killing power... great!
These are characters i like!

LOL @ the d'bos. They so crazy!

BTW, have you seen the anime "photon", by the same crew as Tenchi Muyo? The whole "getting married because you drew on my face" thing reminded me of OHP's finger biting engagements

see everone tommr when I'm not makeing my girlfriend pissed with the light. lol

Yeah I left a few gifts around to websites meh but I'll be shocked if anyone likes the high rez anime "h" kind'a stuff i do. hmmm pepito rika hentai... i can make that ~ gotta inform the Evil entity gd. muuahaha! Gotta love the necromancer run of the mill thing i have on anime.

girly made puppy comics now?

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