Because The Transistors, The Resistors... They Won't Go Any Higher!


Quick post this week, a splash page with a mixture of sinister and... pirouette. Back to full-size updates this week, just needed the time to concentrate on academics and then properly unwinding afterwards.

Holy crap I haven't caught up on e-mail in forever. I'll totally fix that this weekend.

Uhh... the PSP seems neat, I wish I had more disposable money. Actually, I like my SP just fine. But man, portables have gotten fucking nuts all of a sudden. I still have my Game Gear tucked away somewhere... I remember when I thought it'd never get any better than that. Only now instead of Columns, there's Lumines. WHOA DUDE.

I love all of you.


Yeah... Time passes slowly in the comic world...

(BTW whats GD's email? Sorry if its obvious but I cannae find it)

continuity is more important than pornography, yo.
besides, according to the comic it's only been like, a week or so since Pepito broke her finger and only a few hours since she and Queen beat each other up.

If you look at it from the eyes of ~GD's made of disposable income.

anime auto-heal time! ^_^

So, for how long will the characters have their bruises/bumps, now?

Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is where it's at.

Man, the Game Gear totally pwned. I would still have mine, but unfortunately the screen got fried somehow. Darn electronics.

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