Ridge 256.


Things aren't going so well for the younger Miss D'bo. The lesson here is to never underestimate someone with a penchant for dishing out pain... hindsight is, of course, always 20/20. What will she do?! What CAN she do?!

I've unfortunately gotta take this week off so that I can get up to speed in my academics, in which I'm falling a little behind. The next update will be on January 28th, but I may have some tidbits between now and then. If in doubt, drop by the forums and say hi.

Resident Evil 4 is totally awesome. That's all I need to say about that, really.



Ah! My faviriote character is getting her ass kicked T_T.

Aha, so I'm not the only one who remembers the amulet. Kudos Issarad.

I just love your comic, gd! Ever since I first started reading it, I've been hooked. I hope Pepito gets out of this OK, poor thing. It'd also be great to see more Lone Ghunman *drools*

She's looking for the Amulet that Zukie is wearing, the one that was beeping/blinking.

And man, oh man, when Zukie sees what Queen has done to her sister, there's gonna be hell to pay!

Queen is going to know the true meaning of pain and suffering. Hopefully the others will keep her from killing Queen outright.

Poor Pepito :(

wow the chainsaw was funny, but this one is evil... the most brutal page so far ^_^

But er... Amulet? What Amulet? Did i miss something..?

Smashing. :3
Keep up the good work but don't hurt yourself, etc. etc.

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