Lonely Rolling Star.


OHP returns! And so does Zukie, for that matter! What, you didn't think Queen would really get away with that, did you?

Two awesome gifts this week! The first one comes for Monsieur Ink, with the very first gift featuring the lovely Miss Anya! Being psychic certainly has its perks, especially if you like the attention... Man, such great T&A. Big enough to make a snazzy wallpaper, too! The second comes from Emerarudo-chan, who gives us a darling pic of everyone's favorite purple cannibal lesbian, Pepito! Cute cute cute (and naked). Thanks again, y'all!

Last week was sort of interesting because I received my very first legal threat (woohoo!), from a big news agency, no less (score!). However, it ended up not even having anything to do with me or OHP specifically, so the end result was almost a little disappointing. So please, readers, if any of you are lawyers and are planning on threatening legal action against me in the future, make it more topical so that everyone here can get in on the fun. Thanks!

Lately I've been itching to start work on Like Magic again, but just haven't had two seconds to even think about taking on extra projects. I guess basically I've been wanting to draw more smut, and I like doing comics more than individual oekaki. Maybe I'll make a pin-up this weekend.

Anyway, time to get back to schoolwork. See you fine folks next week!


You may beat her if you're married to her... that's kinky. ^___^

Dude, how i waited for ohp to continue!
Don't do that ever again, oh whatever... who ever listens to me ^^

Yay! Take that Queen!

I knew Zukie would come in sometime. She is always somewhere around Pepito. :D

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