Diamond Cutter, DA! DA! DA!


MAN that was a lot of sound effects. My poor drawing hand. Looks like even the most cunning bounty hunter in the known universe has a hard time thinking his way around that sort of interrogation. Better luck next time!

I was going to post some digital pictures I'd taken in this news post, but not only does it look like my card was formatted incorrectly, but I also had a hard drive failure. So, digital pictures are the least of my problems right now (though I am sad that it looks like I'll be losing a dozen pictures that I can't exactly replace). I love technology.

Making OHP on an LCD is way easier than on my old CRT. I can actually see pixels again!


Just dropping by to mention I'm loving it so far at dreamhost. They even send emails explaining 10 minute downtimes! That's class. Plus I already got a referral... I'm mighty pleased.

Man, I so woulda went for the nice interrogation in the first place.

Ah, but hindsight is 20/20 isn't then?

yay chainsaws!
stupid prince! i would have loved seeing him being interrogated the "nice" way...

Well you can't say that wasn't an effective way to get something out of someone. Though Rusty chains would be more effective :P

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