Polaroid Girl.


Happy New Year, everybody! 2004 was kind of a weird one, so let's try to forget it happened, okay? I'm ringing in 2005 with the latest episode of OHP, which is almost as good as a New Year's hangover. But nothing beats one of those, right?

That gorgeous Pyro joined in on the birthday deal and gave me this downright sexy gift of two certain Earthling ladies... So hot. Thanks again, Pyro! You are like three kinds of amazing. I will update the gifts section shortly.

Hope all of of you that wanted to sign up for some CRAZY awesome site hosting plans took advantage of Dreamhost's holiday deal. They haven't changed their pricing back yet, though, so if you wanna try your luck and attempt to squeeze in on their triple bandwidth offer, have a look!

Also, why not give OHP a few votes over at BCx to kick off the new year? That would be rad.


-stops Renee from rescuing Julian-


Shouldn't your newest strip be copyright 05? ^u^ Sorry, couldn't help but notice!

*flies in to rescue Julian >_>*

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