To the Full Extent of the Jam.


Hello! I am updating the comic on Friday again. It's a crazy world, I know. Just what has Julian gotten himself into?... Don't use auto-fire, man! They'll know!

Gift art! There's 3 new pieces in this update! Klest, Madadric, and Kaly, thank you! Happy day!

I don't take in a whole lot of anime these days, but every once in a while I catch up on things I've been meaning to watch or that come recommended to me. Berserk is one that's been getting obscene amounts of praise, so I went ahead and dug in. While the vast majority of Berserk was great, never before has a series screamed HOLY SHIT WE RAN OUT OF MONEY END IT QUICK quite as loud on the final DVD as this one. Highly disappointing, especially since the first five DVDs were so much fun. Oh well. I need more gory fighting stories to watch.

Just a reminder! Dreamhost is currently rocking everyone's socks with insane bandwidth. 8 bucks a month for 120 gigs of transfer! Seriously, folks. It's fuckin' nuts. It lasts a lifetime, but only if you sign up during the month of December! Check it!


Lovely plot ideas, I salute you.

BTW, could you, uh, 'show' us what that naughty thought lone was having, if you get my drift...

Groovy! You just took care of OHP's hosting for 3 months. :) Thanks!

BTW, signed up for dreamhost, I mentioned your ref in the appropiate field, so it should show up.

Hey, I thought you said you weren't going to update for a couple of weeks. LIAR! :)

The manga continues past where the anime ends. The manga isn't finished and they picked a shitty place to end the anime, but that's where the manga starts getting really good.

Well, the last episode was something of a groaner. Thankfully there is talk of a second season in the works. So hopefuly we can look forward to more gory fighting stories.

Naughty thoughts!? What'do expect when you're dressed like that!?

Honestly, psychics!

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