There's a Pah-Pah-Pah-Pah-Party Goin' On.


Now that I've gotten a proper rest, here's some real news!

First of all, Friday comic update! Oh my! They're quite rare these days, like some sort of endangered comic species. Two more character introductions means two new entries on the cast page, so have a look if you are so inclined!

Added a new link to the right there, to an adorable little comic called Pawn. This one popped up on a mailing list a few days ago, and I couldn't help but tear through the whole thing. SO CUTE. It's got naked ladies, but since I'm guessing you folks probably like naked ladies, it ain't no thang. Also, if you don't already, read Acid Keg, because the writing is simply genius.

It's a new month, so if you like voting, please do!

BY THE WAY! Have you ever wanted to have your very own website, but weren't quite sure who to go with? Want no more, because Dreamhost is currently having the deal of the century. For the month of December, even on their smallest hosting plan (which is about 8 bucks a month), you get a minimum of 120 GIGS OF BANDWIDTH for the life of the account. Yes, that is one-hundred-and-twenty GIGABYTES. It's insane. I am almost positive that there has never been a better time to start a website. Click here, or enter "blockmind" as the referral, if you could!

See you next week!


Hm, that dreamhost thing is interesting, I've alreadyhad reason to regret having all my stuff in one host when it starts going wonky. I was thinking of getting a dedicated server but I might grab one of those as a backup. I'll remember to use your ref.

Your'e right, PAWN just simply kicks big fat demonic asses! The style is so amazinly great, damn thats a really good one!
If only it would be longer...
So that makes your webcomic still better! ^___^
Keep up your great work, gd!

You know you're in trouble when your tail is properly restrained. Then again, Anya looks like she's about to get Ghunnman to leave the room, so I'd call Julian's situation a good one.

Love the stuff.

Uuuuuh jear baby!
I too want my moon! Now!
And i want a totaly hot babe to beg me for it ^^
Great job i waited so long for this update and its a great one!!!! ROCK ON!

it's cool how some of the characters from your old oekaki pics are starting to slowly appear (reappear?) in the comic.

except there are no pics of Anya in her costume. XD

Oh my god, do you know what the winter would be like on a moon... Oh that's right, there is no winter, you need an ATMOSPHERE in order to have weather patterns. Why not just get a starship. A place to live, and mobility! Truly the Winnebago of the Stars!

I want my own personal moon!

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