Right Way to Hold a Spoon.


Sup! Episode 137 is ready to go! And what's this? Does Julian have some sort of ace-in-the-hole for resisting the irresistible Anya?

Today I'm finishing up finals, and driving home for the holidays. This has been kind of a lousy quarter for me academically, since I got stuck taking a class that I ended up not needing, that will only be bringing my cumulative grade down. Oh well, that's college, I guess. I'm on holiday now, so who cares!

The 20th is my birthday! I like this day of the year, because I get to be even lazier than normal. Have a White Russian some time on Monday and celebrate with me!

In closing, the new Massive Attack album is so good. MAN.

Oh, I almost forgot! Dreamhost still has their insane bandwidth offer going until the end of the month! 8 bucks a month for 120 GB of bandwidth, folks! It doesn't get any better than that. Sign up today!


merry christmas gd

Anya is so cute! <3 I love the was she talks (I'm only like the 90th person to say that, lol) I look like her, it's horribly amusing <3 (or she looks like me? tis a mystery) I should cosplay her <3 I love your comic and art style tons and tons, it is very lovely and unique ^^

Happy Birthday! Take a load off an relax. Everyone knows you deserve it. ^-~

le gasp! The 20th is your birthday? I will be drawing you something on fearsome soon for this occaision, then.

Good job updating all on time and stuff! Go you! ^_^

The friday updating is definitely loved. I also like how Anya speaks. Julian has to hold oooon.. x_x

i'm really liking this anya character. if you just see the view of her head she looks a bit like a guy though. i do very much like the way she talks..

Man, I might actually link this site now... I should have ages ago anyway.

Awesome Comic GD! You should continue the Friday Updates!

Same high quality, living drawing style as always.

Keep it up ;D

3 comics on time in a row? it's a HAT TRICK, GD.

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