Do You Think That There's Some People That Are Really... That Are Actually Robots? Living Among Us?


You knew that this would lead to shenanigans, didn't you? C'mon... you knew it. Let's just hope that Rika's spine holds out for a little while longer. I'm gonna be taking this week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, so that I can spend some time with my folks and friends. OHP will be returning on December 3rd.

I got 4chan-ed over the weekend. That was kinda amusing.

Alien Hominid is totally fucking great. I really hope it sells well so that the Behemoth can continue to make quality games. They made one hell of a first impression. That said, BUY IT.

Have a food-filled Thanksgiving! See you soon!


I just got 4chan-ed today. It was my Dizzy fanart desktop wallpaper I made awhile ago.

Okay, you needed that. >.> Hi! o.o Long time reader first time writer. You're probably thinking to yourself right now "ooh, a LTRFTW. O_O!!" *cough* -.-; Well, yeah~
Hi from me in Leeds, England. Your comics are just like... XD. More Tenacious D, dammit! O_O!
Sooo... yeah. Hi. Bye. Keep up the good work. Oh. And by the way, I am actually a guy. >.>

I definately love this comic. It's one of the comics that I check every week to see if there's a new one. Keep it up!

Do you use Paint to make your comic? I can draw pretty good in Paint also--if that's what you use. You're awesome with word bubbles though. I wish I was that good.

Hehe, I started reading your comic yesterday. I found it at Go-girly. Your stuff is killing me! I'm dying laughing here! And your style is very nice. Keep it coming. I'll be reading.

XD Oh god I love this comic. Keep up the funny stuff.
I AM surprised to find out that Rika wears granny-panties! She SO seems like the type of girl to run around in a little thong. But whatever the drawer choses, eh? Anyways, I do think that thongs are sexier, and I hope that you chose this to be temporary or for the other characters to chose the better lifestle of the thong.

I got 4channed too, they posted an animation and mistook me for the creator (Not that I was complaining)

Funny thing is, I don't think 4chan has THAT much traffic, but considering every visitor can pretty much download a few gigs of stuff on his own it's not surprising the bandwidth is hurting 'em

Looks like Ruby's on drugs again. This is fun XD

Uh oh! Rika's in trouble now, hehe

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