That's What It Was. Cultural Orgasm.


Mission Complete! The reward is, of course, naked hugs.

I made a small update to the cast page, if you wanna take a look. So mysterious!

News proper later. For now... I need some fresh air.


Hahaha! Rika gets a face full of boob, how lovely. Thank god she isnt straight, it would scare her to death ~-~; I love your art so much! It is like a super cartoony jojo comic!

Speaking of Jojo, have you read Hirohiko's new comic Steel Ball Run? It is very good! Check it out sometime.


AWWWWW! And Ruby in panel 6 looks like she's strait out of Jojo's with that pose... kinda like a female, furry, semi-mechanical Dio.

love the comic! just make sure ruby never hugs anybody like that on a cold day, she'll put somebodys eye out...
and update more often!

.............How much do you think she would charge for one of those hugs ?
A lifetime supply of fresh mountain spring water ?
That is, when Ruby and Mai get their real bodies back.
Heh, I'm a fan of Ruby so I want the entire package.
Body, mind and all. :D

Awesome comic as usual! I LOVE Rika's face in the 7th panel - great! I want a naked hug from Ruby too :(

Wow!!! Absolutely great comic this week. I like the way you made Mai's personality show through the rather 'busty' body of ruby. Although I reckon a hug from someone like Ruby would kill an earthling. I'm gonna start working on a gift art for you.

I Thank you.
Or as they say in Klingon:
" jIH tlho' SoH"
(Discovered on

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