I Am a Lab Rat. That Is a Sad Fact.


She's in! Sweet God in heaven, she's in. Well... most of her. That'll do.

I'm working on the RSS feed again (seeing Josh work on it gave me a mental nudge to give it another go). Hoping to actually get full comic syndication in there, rather than just the news posts like it's been for the past year or so. Even so, if you subscribe, you'll know the very second I upload the comic, since updating the news post triggers it. Ah, technology!

America had an election.

Alien Hominid is coming out around the 17th! Here's hoping it'll offset some of those BLAH video game purchases of late (Silent Hill 4, Neo Contra, Guilty Gear Isuka...). Till then... I'll just play Gradius until my thumbs bleed. Oh, too late...


I like how you create SUSPENSE. She has been hanging there for a while, while Pepito was fighting queen Queen, while Julian has visitors and OHMYSUCHGREAT. I cannot wait...! Good luck for anything you achieve, sir.

Also. I would like to express and share my same negative feelings towards GUILTY GEAR ISUKA. I was waiting so long for that game, and it resulted of me weeping for Sammy's future. I still prefer GGXX. If only I had opponents...!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ruby's my favorite :D
Lots to grab, lots to love !

on another note I like how Mai's Personality still shines through in Ruby's body.

YOu have renewed my faith in humanity
especially the cool jewish ones that draw tall pale busty cyborgs from space

Ruby's ass is Perfection.


I love this Comic! Sad enough new strips come so slowly..!
This one is pretty hilarious. And sexy. What more can i want?

This is hilarious! I love the fifth panel.

It's hard to wait a week for each new comic, but it's well worth it if you keep making them as funny as this one.

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