Crowded Street.

Well, I'm back from Vegas! There was plenty of casino hopping and drinking (heavy emphasis on the drinking). It's was a grand time. The first night I went and saw Penn & Teller, who were, in a word, marvelous. Their stage act is leaps and bounds better than I was expecting (and I've always loved their televised performances). Even got to meet them after the show! The second night, I went to Delmonico's for dinner (it's one of Emeril's restaurants, if that means anything to you folks). I had a makeshift "surf & turf" with the most succulent beef and lobster just about ever. And then I topped it off with a pumpkin cheesecake that blew my mind.

During the afternoon on Saturday, I went to the Las Vegas Comic Con. It was alright, kinda boring though. Strolled around the convention center floor for a bit, spied a few artists I knew, and briefly met up with Mr. Lesnick, of Wendy fame. Sup, Josh! Rad Girly sketches. It was great to finally meet you.

Earlier today, I hit up Gameworks to see if it really was the marvelous arcade that everyone talks it up to be. Turns out it was pretty weak (not suprised), and it was ultra pricey. However, they had one machine that really impressed the pants off me: Namco's Quick & Crash. I've never actually seen one of these in person before, so I was astonished. Awesome game. The exploding cup is so great (I am easily impressed).

That's the run-down of my trip. I hope you were utterly fascinated!

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