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Whoah, Episode 296? Rika and Mai-via-Ruby are still in pancake limbo, but a gnawing curiosity draws Mai deeper into Tammy's breakfast dungeon. Or, perhaps it's just a kitchen. Either way, it's gonna get messy. Pancakes and syrup flying every which way, bits of breakfast meat shrapnel peppering the walls and unlucky bystanders. Only one can emerge victorious, but it's going to be costly.

Time's really been getting away from me lately. I don't know how some of my contemporaries are able to juggle adult life with the whole cartooning thing, but I suspect this is one of those life lessons that you learn by tumbling head first into the deep end. On the plus side, things have been going really well. Moving into a new home has been a positive life change for both Rin and myself, and we're finally feeling like the place is "ours". There's a lot of work left to do, but for the first time in a long time, things feel genuinely stable.

Work has had its ups and downs, but employment remains steady in an incredibly tumultuous economy. 2012 seemed like the year the video game industry was going to (once again) collapse under its own weight, but here we are, limping into the new year. I spent most of the summer and fall going up and down the west coast, flying the Sega banner at our major trade shows. I've been told that working cons isn't fun, but truth be told, it's been a welcome change of pace. I think I like being in the thick of it.

My new year's resolution is to make a genuine effort to get back into the swing of things here. I miss having a weekly comic, and I'd like to make it to the finish line while I still have (natural) color in my hair. OHP has had an extremely long run, and it's grown and changed with me a lot over the years. While it's not the story I thought I'd write eleven years ago, it's the story I'm glad I did.

Happy 2013, folks!


Come back GD, we miss you! You made a personal new years resolution to be more involved in this site and update it more regularly, and it's already seven months in without one! If you are busy and need someone to come up with some story ideas or even art for your site, I can definitely draw some stick figures for you!

Pretty much 7 months and not a single update, I think I have withdrawal symptoms. awaiting impatiently for the update (please be at least 4 pages ^.^; )

Hope this comic isn't dead.... Really missin' these guys wacky stories :x

Well that's awesome; I'd bet working on The Cave was a blast. I downloaded the demo the first day it was out and got the full game the next day. So many great things to be said about it. I uh, got a little carried away with it actually... I ended up finishing it in just a few days. Though I suspect there are a few secrets not tied to achievements that I didn't discover. (The clown certainly surprised me.) The best thing was, I only had to seek help on one of the puzzles, which made me so very happy after playing the at-first-it-was-fun-and-then-it-became-thoroughly-irritating Fez.

An OHP update? A good start to the year!

I strongly suspect some nightmare of impossible consumption is imminent. The kind of thing that sears itself into your retinas so you see it every time you close your eyes.

Also, how many people on the street do you think were wondering why Maiby's bicepts are half-metal and bisected longways? I didn't notice at first since I'm used to it, but it seems like that sort of thing might turn a couple of heads.

*uncorks a bottle of champagne* YES my favourite webcomic has updated :') thank you GD!
i also thought that tammy was a boy...but looking back you can tell he's...whoops, she's got female traits

Wait. She's a girl!?? I thought she was a guy all along...

You drew Mai-in-Ruby pretty bodaciously for this page, I really dig it!

And of course congratulations on your successes in life, I've no doubt you'll have many more in time.

I like where this is going.

Huzzah, a new OHP for the New Year! Who doesn't enjoy grinding other people's dreams into a fine powder?

Oh and congrats on your job and new home and all that.

I'm looking forward to it!

Hey GD! Have you been reading Josh L's new comic?

It's really good! I like it better than Girly.

Weeeeeeeeee! I've loved this Comic since High School. It truly is my favourite Comic! You do great work GD!

EEEEEeeeeE! they moved!

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