I Will Die After You, I'll See to That!


Good news, everyone! Episode 283 happened. In case you had any doubts, Sergeant Cueball is not a very nice person. When push comes to shove, he's usually ready with a shoulder charge. He's also been dying for an excuse to use that shiny new tactical baton. Stiff upper lip, private! Things always get worse before they get better!

I have got so much e-mail to catch up on. This week! Thanks for being patient.

You guys should check out Imaginary Monsters if you haven't already! It just got started a few months ago, so catching up is easy (also fun). You might even make a habit of it. Liberal use of the word 'dude' makes me feel right at home.


Ooo, I'm going to say that's my favorite oekaki. Nicely done >:D

Oh my goodness. Quite fantastic I must say that is just... Outstanding. can't wait for the new comic!

I agree it is my favourite comic. I can't wait til it returns.

I fukken love everything about this comic.

oh please, OH PLEASE let him leave a mark on her at least once~

@Hocus Pocus Focus

Maybe the big hairy thing will eat him.

Leaving a mark on her record....is my mind so deep the gutter it can't register that line as anything else than something crass?

Some goes for him looking down and then looking at her saying *private* :B

Please, someone kill that Captain.

Is that what they're calling it these days?

Oh he's gonna leave a mark all right. Yay for possible spankings! :3

Aw jeez. Captain on Private action coming up!

Fantastic comic I feel like Tanik is fitting in well. Maybe she is joining the Cast? Who knows. The more Aliens the better I say.

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