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Hey gang! Episode 282 is good to go. You might recognize this guy from somewhere. He hasn't smiled in almost four years. Not because he's unhappy, mind you--the man loves his work. But he didn't get there by smiling, no sir. Being a hard-ass is a full-time job, and when you want to climb the ranks, you've gotta put in some overtime.

So hey, happy 2010! While I was away, I drew a sexy lady. Said lady also happened to draw a few things right back at me! Naked things. Not only did she beat me to the punch with this fantastic Jinny (gasp!), she also made this naughty Pepito, who is going to get such a talking to if Zukie ever finds out. Check out more of Rin's stuff right here!

The first few panels of the next comic are already drawn. More soon?



Not exactly. The filter doesn't convert everything correctly, so the white background is missing - which is causing the near-invisibility of the links, because they clash badly with the background. You'll get the same problematic result if you use the filter to see "normal" vision.

With the white background there, it's not nearly as bad, but the contrast is still fairly low, especially when hovering links. The same holds true for the regular color scheme, though.

Analysis of the colors using http://www.snook.ca/technical/colour_contrast/colour.html shows that it's not a very big difference from the normal colors: the hit to contrast is very minimal when the colors are run through the protanopia filter.

I think we'll need the colorblind person to elaborate on where he thinks the issues are, because when correcting for the conversion issue, I don't see any issues where I'd expect people with protanopia to do notably worse than those of us with normal vision.

I can dig it! It looks like hyperlinks show up very faint for this dude and also disappear when mouseovered.


this tool is really interesting!

Hi there. I wanted to inform you that some elements of your web site are hard to read for me, as I am color blind. I have problems with protanopia, but there are more forms of color blindness that will also experience issues. I can read the majority of the website Okay, and the parts I have problems with I am able to understand by using a special browser. Just the same, it would be cool if you can bear in mind we color-blind people whilst carrying out the next website redesign. Many Thanks.


Yes, yes it is. This was pointed out a while back.

Darn those flips! Can't wait for your next comic :)

Wait... Is that the side of a Starman insignia? I must comb the archives!

Yay a new GD comic! Ah I love these. Just a nit pick, Pepito's cast is on the wrong arm :P.

Every link in your new post leads to something awesome.

WOOO! New OHP! I love it. It's great. Can't wait for your Jinny Oekaki! That fan art of Jinny is incredible though! I wondered who Rin was and now I know! Keep up the great work GD!

Gd, I ask of you only one thing...


"Sir! I seem to have misplaced my trousers."
"Well...don't let it happen again."

wow that will be akward to explain XD

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