When Eric Eats a Banana, an Amazing Transformation Occurs!


Episode 266 is up, and they're off! The girls are down one purse and one jacket, but apparently up a couple of 'souvenirs'... This really hasn't been a good night for Ruby or the maƮtre d'!

Holy fuck, where did 2008 go? This year flew by, and I've got nothing to show for it! Actually, that's not entirely true. I've been really happy with the art in OHP this year. My goal's been to push a much toonier style and shed a lot of the anime-inspired baggage. What's resulted is a weird hybrid of styles, often fluctuating wildly from panel to panel, but one that I'm enjoying a lot. There's nothing wrong with an Eastern influence, but these days I'm feeling that cartoons seem more alive with a more fluid approach to drawing. I've been on a Bakshi kick lately, so maybe he's to blame. Is anyone else freakin' excited about The Last Days of Coney Island, whenever it finally comes out?

I never thought I'd be pumped about a game coming out of EA ever again after my nine-month stretch at Redwood Shores, but I'll be damned if Mirror's Edge isn't totally amazing. Is this the dawn of a new age of puzzle-platforming? Don't be dissuaded by the lukewarm reviews this thing's getting, it's one of the most refreshing takes on first-person gaming since Portal (though definitely lacking some of its polish). Despite a short story mode, the core gameplay mechanics are so intuitive and so much fun in execution that the prospect of multiple play-throughs is actually sort of appealing. I think one of the worst things to happen to the game industry was when RPGs fooled people into believing that games needed to be more than 30 hours long in order to be good. I understand that with retail games costing 60 dollars a pop these days, people want more value for their money... but length is about as useful a measurement of "fun" as graphics. Play fun games because they're fun, not because they take a long time to finish!


Can't wait! Feel like I will melt if I don't get my OHP fix! ARGH!

OHP is where it's at by far.

This comic runs on a biweekly basis (unintentionally) X3 I think o.o Which means there should be an update tomorrow... Right? Or the day after maybe?

I hope this isn't the last time we see the Maitre'D fellow. I think we will next see him picking zee ladied out of a line up with officer Friendly.

Mirror's Edge disappointed me. We were promised a parkour game and we got a parkour game where we're being shot at. A lot. For a game whose combat system sucks, you're sure thrown into unavoidable combat a lot.


I noticed the changes with your art style it's really awesome the way art styles develop over time.

I think everything you do is wonderbar so my opinion is kind of biased but dang it all if you aren't an amazing artist. Do you do art works?

I would love to buy a print of Ruby now that I have some spare money. I'd get that thing block mounted and put it on my wall to the max.

Tell you're Mum we're gonna stay out late tonight!

You know, GD, I've been reading OHP since the good 'ol days of Josh's Eternal Beach Party. I've gotta say, I couldn't agree with you more about your style developing into a unique blend of the two aforementioned styles. I'm also really glad that the comics started coming back, as well. We didn't have to sit through that awful 2006-2007 crap-time of comiclessness. I understand that everybody gets really busy, but that just sucked. OHP is one of the only comics that I still read and/or look forward to reading.

On another note, have you heard of Tegaki? I think you would enjoy it very much so. I don't have a link so you should Google it or sumthin'.

Shhh! It's supposed to be a mystery! ...Okay so it was kinda obvious XD

i wanna know what's going on with julian :[

also, rika took the drugs, of course

Caught red handed! Heh, I wonder what kind of 'souvenirs' she took. The guy's personal stash?

Awesome. This page turned out really well.

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