Settin' Off Explosives on a Saturday Night.


OH LAWD, it's Episode 265! At long last, the poor girl is free! But is she thankful? Please. Ms. Maxim has priorities, and graciousness is near the bottom of the list. Besides, that's technically her jacket!

America had an historic election this month! I would like to extend a heart-felt "thank you" to voters for choosing progress over fear this time around. This country has come a long way in just a few decades, and it's clear that an interest in real social and economic change isn't fleeting. However, I'm more than a little disappointed with my home state of California for voting bigotry into the constitution. Shame on you. After the leaps and bounds made in civil rights for women and ethnic minorities over the past century, we deny another group of people their right to marry the people they love under the false pretense that we're protecting "family" and "the children"? It's incredibly disturbing that we, in this day and age, even entertain such hateful notions as being in any way defensible. The only thing being protected here is the treatment of gays and lesbians as second-class citizens. This is the 21st century, folks. Let's try to act like it!


Caveman comics still take time to write, draw and scan. Time which GD would presumably rather put towards a new page. I would also prefer it being put towards a new page.

I'm not dissing you dung, you's cool. Just stating facts. :D

You should bust out some hand drawn comics in a book all caveman like and just bung them up as a side comic I would enjoy reading that to tide me over until te next OHP.

But I can totally understand just not having the time to draw comics but you are talented and it's a shame you don't put out more less refined comic artwork.

Well well well. If it isn't my old friend chibley Wibbley. Eh?

Ruby has to be the sexiest character ever in my opinion. I love this comic it's one of the only comics I read anymore.

I can KINDA understand marriage, but it feels a bit like an excessively expensive way to show your love by having them legally affixed to you.

To paraphrase Dylan Moran, lesbian relationships should be able to survive through almost anything - there are more than two breasts in the room at any one time, how can things go wrong? One of them could be saying "Look at this, how are we ever gonna get through this?!" and the other one just says "Yeah I know but look." *flashes breasts*.

If only everything worked like that. Not even that works like that (so I hear).

I do believe you mean "cool".

Why did I think of a sort of reverse goatse in the second panel? The Internet has ruined my brain. (If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, do yourself a favor and don't look it up.) Hooray for more OHP regardless!

Oh and thank you for your comment about Prop h8, I still can't believe that BS passed. Now that it's uncool to hate on the blacks, people feel the need to target the queers instead.

Oh, yeah, I happened to see that Prop 8 commercial and it was like, "Vote for this proposition or kids might learn that gay marriage exists." Oh, pflease...!

inb4 rika believing everything mai said

Like the way the first two panels lay out, good stuff.

I'd love to see the maitre'd's face when he finds a hole in his freezer wall and his hostage missing. Sacre bleu!

Woot! Not only is she showing off the person's body at the moment (white shirt + water + freezer combo, nice), but she also just admitted everything in terms of body swapping. Yay for panic induced confessions!

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