With All the Bombs and the Bird Flu, We're Probably Gonna Be Dead Soon.


Episode 245 sneaks in under the radar! Undercover Ruby is about to go even deeper undercover... as long as she doesn't blow it with reckless chit-chat! Mai takes a hands-off approach for the time being.

Apologies for the post-weekend update. I apparently have a tradition of cocking up my taxes every year, this one being no exception. But at least this year I caught it before the deadline! No trips to the airport post office for me!

Also HOLY CRAP, Ikaruga finally dropped! I think that's quite possibly the only thing that could've torn me away from Brawl.


Ruby is my queen.

Mai looks so cute as Ruby. Bless her.

Black...? -.o` I was sure it was white... darn.

Ruby's costume is awesome. I am going to do a fan art and try get my scanner working. This comic is the greatest.

I'm glad to see another OHP; it takes my mind off my money woes.

Ikaruga is awesome.

This is my fave webcomic. Just wanted to put that out there.

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