Relax, We've Got Him in a Box!


Hello again. Here's Episode 246 in all its glory. Ruby discovers she may have bitten off a bit more than she could chew with this ruse business! The maitre d's math skills prove that he's a force to be reckoned with... so what's her next move?

Happy, happy day! For a few months, I've been stuck with a busted graphics card. The cooling unit is apparently broken, which made it overheat and crash the whole system pretty fast if anything GPU-heavy was running (such as games!). This is apparently a known issue for these cards, and it was looking like the only solution was going to be buying another (possibly faulty, still very expensive) X1900 to replace it, since I'm on a Mac and our options are pretty limited. But lo and behold, the 8800 GTs that were previously only available for the very newest Mac Pros are now available for us "legacy" owners as well. Just in time for the TF2 update, hooray!


An d by he is a dick i don't mean he is a bad charecter i was actually happy to see he is back agaiun blah blah blah blahhhh...

Hmm, things do not look good for Ruby.

Yea the Maitre D is a dick, and Ruby/Mai doesn't have her steam powers..but maybe she has the power of being cute?

That guy is a diiiicccckkkk! If only you had your steam power Ruby. You could crush him with your little toe...

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