Meanwhile, at the Palace of Power...


Episode 229 is now up for your viewing pleasure. These splash panels always seem like a good opportunity to get some full-figure shots in, since there's rarely enough space to do it on a normal page! Or maybe I just draw too big. I dunno!

This has been a rough work week. I got stuck with some overtime over the holiday, and from here on out, my shift's getting extended to 12 hours a day... indefinitely. Needless to say, that leaves me with exactly zero time to do anything except commute back and forth, and sleep. I'll do my best to get next week's page out over the weekend, but please bear with me if it goes up a little late. I appreciate the support!


Good! That's the spirit, GD! *Cracks the whip* Now get to work! We need you to deliver the comic every week for our own selfish pleasure!

It's the one thing that keeps me from having a complete meltdown. Gotta have fun somehow!

Sorry to hear about your extension at work! Glad you're still working away on OHP though. :)

mmm. i was wondering how julian was going to get out of this and tne answer is totally unexpected; i love it! looking foward to the next page!

Completely unintentional! That's what they all say.

maybe move the smushed multi-device out from behind Ghunmann's hand a bit?

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