Certain Victory Lotus Sutra Tune.


To round up this chapter, we're once again peeking in on Julian and his new pink and cuddly friend in Episode 228. Unfortunately, Julian's ace in the hole wasn't very foot-resistant, but he might be just a ping away from salvation!

So I guess OHP got POE-ed? I'm honored, or something! Got some free traffic out of it for a couple days, anyway. If you found your way here from over there, and find yourself inexplicably liking what you see, welcome! And I'm sorry.

What can I say about BioShock that hasn't been said by pretty much everyone? It takes all the best parts of shooters and RPGs, and crams 'em into one fantastic experience. It's the most fun I've had with a video game in a while.


It is the answer to all life's problems! Hooray!

You must admit, it is a stylish solution! If it works it's even better!

I bet that's your solution for everything!

I seriously think Julian needs to take his clothes off more frequently. And Rika too.

Portal of Evil. Though I'm not sure if getting mentioned there these days means as much as it used to. The comments in the thread seem pretty indifferent. How boring!

Edgar Allan Poe? Power Over Ethernet? Perl Object Environment? Portal of Evil? Planes of Existence? Propagation of Error? Port of Entry? PowerOpen Environment? Polyolester Oil? Polyoxyethylene? Place of Employment?


in b4 death

Yay, the notorious Julian, our hawt and sexy crossdressing intergalactic bounty hunter :3

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