Nude on the Moon.


The maƮtre d' is having none of this in Episode 218! Once again, the jig is up. Rika's phobia of being seen in public with people aiming to pick a fight is a source of frequent discomfort these days.

We're still going strong in the Top 100 this week. Once again, thanks for the support! It feels like old times up in here.

Alright, I need to ask: What's going on with so many PSP games going out of print already? I feel like I missed the dang boat!


Well, since relatively speaking there's not a lot of PSP owners, they go out of print quite quickly.
HOWEVAR. is where I get most of my games, as they're well stocked for the most part, and pretty cheap, too. :>

xinorez: The antenna does not come off. I'll leave the rest up to you to decide, for now.

I'd like to get her dongle off! Cor!

waitaminute... so the antenna comes off? or it doesn't? i'm having some trouble understanding the 'pervert' remark. if the antenna is only removable by violent action, then i think the word 'take' should be replaced with something more visceral to reflect that...

idunno, i'm feeling groggy at the moment.

Deliciously French. I approve.

Also first post, etc.

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