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Ladies and gentlemen, Episode 219. For those just joining us, Plan B is an oft-celebrated tradition wherein a particularly nasty problem is solved by completely avoiding it. It helps to have a sub-dermal teleporter or two, naturally, but that's never been a concern for Pepito and Zukie.

We're at 33 this week over at BCx! Keep up the good work, y'all!

Josh Lesnick, boy genius and wily cartoonist, wrote up a little number on art in popular webcomics over here. This sort of criticism is frequently dismissed in the community as everything from jealous ravings to declarations of war, but don't be fooled: not only is it valid, it's desperately needed. I'll be frank, here. Webcomic artists are a group of people who need a healthy dose of criticism at regular intervals, and if I had my druthers, I'd have that medicine come from a fellow cartoonist. I think people are finally starting to come around to this idea.

I'm generally a little embarrassed to say that I own way, way more Live Arcade titles than actual 360 titles (through no fault of my own, the 360 library proper still kinda blows). However, I can hide my shame when things like Pac-Man Championship Edition come out. This is the kind of thing I'd really love to see more of: not just shining up the old games and repackaging them, but rethinking them from a modern perspective.


Though, some careful reading of previous chapters may shed some light on the particulars of K'baban anatomy

Ugh. Sounds like an excuse to break out a transcription feature, re-read all the comics while transcribing them ;)

I think part of what makes Achewood the phenomenon that it is rests with the fact that it (and he, for that matter) remains so aloof from the webcomic community in general. While I have no doubt that he reads his comments (because honestly, why else do you open the entries to reader commentary in the first place?), I'm willing to bet that the conception of each strip still rests squarely on Onstad's shoulders.

Though yes, comments can be a double-edge. Not only because the temptation to pander is often high, but also because you can't un-read the things that get posted. Personally, I try to stick to my guns. I tend to tune out suggestions for story ideas and situations because I've already got my own plans in mind. There have been a couple story arcs in OHP that I had to really push myself to see through to a proper transition point, especially with so many readers eager to see the return of particular characters. It's tough sometimes. When people like something you're doing enough to clamor for it, it's hard for the ego to resist. Although, part of the fun is holding the goods just out of reach...

Which brings us conveniently to your question! Fear not, the mysteries of K'bab's all-female population will be fully disclosed in time. Though, some careful reading of previous chapters may shed some light on the particulars of K'baban anatomy (as well as what they are and aren't in terms of sexual reproduction). It's been hinted at discreetly three times so far.

Huh, I stayed logged in at acheworld, so that took care of a problem. About Achewood, there were (and are) some fears that Onstad is hella reading the comments, and has started to just pander to the masses, leaving his creativity aside. It's still to be proven or disproven, it's just a fear people has. It's also weird, if you had 50 comments on this page, all screaming for a Pepito-Zukie-Rika orgy on the restaurant table, I doubt you'd do it, right GD? Yet, an Alt text (a delightful feature i asked you to keep here in OHP) that would've stayed a nice innocent alt text was developed into a full fledged strip (not a very good one IMHO); possible because the fans demanded so.

So, in the same spirit, should i keep waiting for an answer on the issue of K'baban reproduction? XD I've given the issue lots of thought and am still stumbled. Am I the only one?

Horizontal Flip is the single most important advancement in the history of webcomics.

Zefiel: How do you mean about Achewood? My only real gripe about the discuss feature is that it's on a different site, and it makes me log in to browse the comments.

It would appear as such! This one was kind of a tricky fix, huh, since I don't think it would be very easy to BAP someone over with a cast arm. Horizontal flip saves the day!

I think it might be a rule now that I have to forget the cast in at least one panel with every comic featuring Pepito!

I was wondering if the teleporting worked with another person!

Hmm, also, not to be picky, but I think the arm in the BAP frame should be the one with the cast on it? If I'm wrong, then woops, but I'm trying to think of what side that one would be on..

I always wanted to know how the teleporter worked...

Whee! More OHP! wait wait wait. What happened to the whole 'no males and mysterious reproduction' arc? I really wanted to know how the K'babans reproduce!

That said, GD is probably rad in that we can point the slight omissions (like the vanishi-cast) here and he'll accept and improve/correct his art. well, it's not like most of us can say we're better artists, but hey, GD, your feedback and correction needs are safe with us.

That said, it can also go awfully wrong like the new discuss feature in Achewood. Have you seen any of that, GD?

How to make teleporting sound naughty! Pepito is a trip, as usual.

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