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Howdy! Episode 210 has been posted, with something of a development! But things are never as simple as they seem...

On a lark, I went back and spruced up my ComicSpace page, which I promptly ignored almost immediately after setting it up. Bad GD! But, to give myself a little more incentive to visit more frequently, I pose the following offer: if there are any individual panels from OHP that you'd like to see a "clean" version of (i.e. without speech bubbles and text), I'll post them in a new comic gallery there. Nude panels are, unfortunately, off limits due to the TOS for the site. But just between you and me, there aren't actually any goodies hidden under the Strategically Placed Objects. That would just be silly!

It keeps getting harder and harder for me to resist the siren call of the PSP, especially when they do mean things like release system exclusives of some of my favorite series and lower the price to something that's actually affordable. Unfair, I say!

Man alive, I need to drum up some traffic around here.


Yeah, everyone pretty much forgot about this place. It was total chance that I came back to find that you came back from hiatus. o-o
But if it helps, I have been handing out OHP to random passersby on forums and such.

Yes, I have noticed that a lot of dialog and a lot of poses and art has changed. I'm not complaining, GD, don't take it that way. You do good arts.

Well hey if you're looking for traffic, you could hop on that uhh, project wonderful bandwagon, I hear it's pretty good, never used it myself.
Word of mouth works though, so yeah I told a friend I thought'd like your stuff.
Now if only I knew more people to tell, eh?

I decided I didn't like how the pose looked with the fist, and changed it to an open palm. This sort of thing happens a lot, it's just not always noticeable. If it's been a while since you've been back through the archives, you'll probably notice that a lot of the art has been subtly/not-so-subtly changed. OHP is, for lack of a better descriptor, a work in progress. Also, I'm a perfectionist.

Um, did you just change Queen's outstretched fist into a hand? Whyfor?

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