You Gamble with Danger, You Gamble with Love.


Ruby and Mai have a conflict of interests in Episode 212. Ruby is ready and raring to march Zukie and Pepito down the plank, but Mai is hesitant about sending these strange new friends to their certain doom. Did they really make the right decision?

As an unusual bonus to this week's comic, here's an alternate ending. The end result would have been the same on the following page, but the tone of the exchange was a little different (and much snarkier). I don't really have a place for these poses now, so I figured I'd share 'em for the hell of it! I'll bet you didn't know webcomics were DVDs now.

This is obviously old news at this point, but that Todd Goldman fellah sure is getting his big-ass bubble burst. Can I just say how awesome it is that the Internet is able to come together and unanimously right a wrong? Good on you, Internet!


Great comic as always, GD. Was Ruby/Mai's slip of using Queen's first name intentional? I think Queen would be a little suspicious about how some earth girl she's never met would know her first name...

Awesome! I just know that tube's got something to do with them getting back to normal!

Ahahaha great! The Todd thing is even more amusing by the fact that Big Shots like Penny Arcade said the 'net amounted to nothing when it came to stuff like this.

Wow, DVD extras! and the stuff never gets scratched! Thanks!

Now that I've gotten my fix of OHP, I can finally get to work on my essay, due in, oh, i dunno, 9 hours.

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