Don't Act Like You Don't Like the Ball Buster.


Hey gang!

OHP is coming back on December 20th. I'm sharing my birthday with all y'all. Come celebrate with me next week!

While I was away, three wallpaper-type things happened; there's an Anya, a Queen, and even a Ruby! Gendaru even made super hi-rez versions of the first two (Anya here, and Queen here). How hot is that?

See you soon!


Well, it's safe to say this rules quite a lot.
Keep churning out the OHP goodness, GD!

my god! i cant wait for more of this net comic! its fantastic! i have been reading it non stop! hell if u printed books i would buy them! lol looking forword to ur next works! ^_~

What a nice surprise. Happy Birthday and thanks for resuming OHP.

Thanks a lot GD. Now I have to go change my panties >

(to the tune of Happy birthday) Happy Birthday to you - Merry Christmas to us - Happy Birthday dear gd-kuuuun... - Merry OHP Christmas to us...!


Finally, you have no idea how long I've waited for you to bring this back. Happy birthday, and god bless you.

Thank you so much for bringing back LIFE

Yay! I cant wait!

Oh, I forgot, Happy B-Day dude

YES! FINALLY! ahem, sorry I just started reading towards the middle of summer (I think) all I know is it was after the Hiatus started and I've been waiting ever since.

WOOOOPEEEE!!! been keeping an eye on you, and glad to hear you're coming back! OHP's great to read :D
muchos love and good wishes your way.

A birthday present for both of us. :d

I for one welcome back our very sexy alien overlords. Happy Birthday man! *Proceeds to celebrate*

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